How are Leather Laptop Sleeves?

Technology has become an essential part of our lives. We spend most of our day with our smart phones or laptops. These devices are bound to become ragged with the extra use. So it is essential to make an appropriate arrangement for that. You can save your device from external damage by covering them with a protector. Thus, laptop sleeves are perfect in that regard. They defend your laptop against dust, fingerprints, scratches, and other potential damage. With these covers, you will protect your device and give a chic look to it.

Laptop sleeves can be found in several materials, for instance, plastic or leather. In this article, we will discuss the importance of leather laptop sleeves.


Device Security

When we buy any device like a phone or laptop, its protection is our foremost concern. When we have to make a decision regarding which cover to buy, we need to consider many factors, for instance, scratches, sun, heat, water, or any accidental drop. Leather sleeves protect our devices from such damage like no other material. Its rugged and water-resistant quality is an ideal defender for your laptop. Different materials like plastic or rubber might make your laptop bulky and heavy, making portability difficult. However, leather with its sleek property will not only provide protection but also increase portability.



Leather has exceptional durability compared to other materials like cloth or plastic, as it does not wear out. If you properly maintain the leather, it can stay with you for as long as you want. Plus, it holds up to repeated use if the material is original. Leather might be a bit expensive compared to other materials, but it is worth it as you will have to make the investment only once. If you are looking for a durable material, leather will make your best choice.



You can never go wrong with leather. This timeless material is possibly the best way to go with trendy fashion when it comes to laptop sleeves. It will make your laptop look fashionable and stand out in the crowd. The leather cover can also go with your professional attire. Accessorizing your laptop with a leather sleeve is worth every penny. It not only increases the experience of using your laptop but also elevates the aesthetics of your device.


High Flexibility

Leather covers have fantastic flexibility. They remain wholesome and unfussy even after bearing a laptop, charger, and any other item you want to fit in it. This material is sturdy yet soft. It translated to the fact that you can easily fit it in any other bag without messing with the other items in it. Unlike a plastic case or an inordinate bag, a leather laptop sleeve can be comfortably held alone or squeezed into a smaller space, which is perfect for those trips to the gym or on business trips where the laptop and sleeve have to play well with other items.


Premium Insulation

Leather phone cases come with excellent thermal transmission properties and let you get involved in watching movies, playing games, or working on your laptop without worrying about overheating. This quality of leather material makes it a choice of many.


Things to Consider When Buying a Laptop Sleeve

These days finding a high-quality laptop sleeve could cost you a good amount. So it is better to research before you tend to make a purchase so that you invest in the right product. Here we have provided you with a guide about what things you need to consider when you go to buy the cover for your laptop:


Right Size

Laptop sleeves come in varying sizes. A laptop sleeve should cover your laptop appropriately. It should not have a loose fit as it will make your computer move inside the case, and its surface will get scratches. Also, consider other things that you might want to carry with you on your business trips or any meeting. A laptop sleeve should have enough space to take all your stuff.


Enclosure Method

Finding a laptop case with an enclosure method like a zipper or Velcro flap provides extra security to your laptop. This method increases protection by preventing the computer from getting out of the sleeves.

Leather Type

There are different types of leather. The range varies from inferior material to premium material; that is, full-grain material is considered the best leather type because of its aesthetic quality and durability.

Another suitable type of leather is top grain. People who prefer finish over every other quality go for this leather type.

One should avoid buying a laptop case made of Genuine leather because it is the lowest leather quality they have in the market.



Your laptop sleeve should be thick enough to protect your laptop from every damage. However, it should not be too bulky to fit in your bag. Choose the one which comes with high portability.



It is better to choose the sleeve which comes with padding. The extra layer of padding ensures your laptop’s safety.


Bottom Line

Nobody wants to invest in the same thing repeatedly, so it is better to make arrangements to protect your devices before they get scratches and start looking ugly. Laptop sleeves serve precisely that purpose. They protect the device from any external damage. That is why their popularity amongst users is increasing.

The quality of the material also matters if you want to go the extra mile to make your device look aesthetically pleasing. Wearable Tech accessories never disappoint with premium quality leather laptop sleeves and other accessories.


Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some of the questions that people tend to ask about laptop sleeves:

Are leather laptop sleeves waterproof?

Almost every laptop sleeve tends to be waterproof as the sole purpose of this product is to defend your laptop from any external damage.

Are laptop sleeves and cases the same things?

The laptop case is a bit different than a sleeve. The laptop case is a rigid casing designed especially for scratch protection. Plus they are device-specific and do not fit anything else.

Are Laptop sleeves washable?

Whether you can wash a laptop sleeve or not depends upon the material. If it is a leather sleeve, it’s better not to wash it frequently.

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