Steps to Take Upon Purchasing a New Laptop


Buying a new laptop is always fun. Whether you buy a brand new laptop or get s second-hand one, it is important to consider taking some of the steps to take upon purchasing a new laptop. Here we have mentioned some of the tips you should consider when you purchase a new laptop online or from a store.

Update the Operating System

When you get the “update your OS’ notification, it is wise to follow that advice, as it could save your system from potential hassles. System updates provide security against any virus that might be harmful to your system. Bugs are not only a threat to your system but also, could compromise the security of your personal data. The latest version of the software plays a significant role in keeping you away from any cybersecurity issues.

Remove Any Bloatware

People generally have to face problems regarding their computers slowing down. There might be many reasons behind it. One of them is bloatware. Bloatware is software that affects the efficiency of your computer. If you have several of these programs loading in your device performing operations in the background, they can corrupt your RAM. The smart idea is to uninstall bloatware as soon as it starts affecting the device’s performance. It includes the programs that are not useful, but still occupy a significant space in the system. It is not easy to find them in the system as they are generally hidden. You cannot refer to them as a virus, however, if such files are downloaded from an unsecured website they might cause harm.

Review Antivirus Software

A computer virus also known as malware, is a computer program that is downloaded on your computer without your knowledge that could harm your data saved in the system.  Here are some of the tasks a virus could perform:

  • It can encrypt the files in your system so that the invader can demand money to return your data.
  • It can trace every activity you perform to get your private data like passwords.
  • Your camera can also be turned on without your permission.
  • Your laptop could be used for other cybercrimes.

So it is essential to review antivirus software so that you can save yourself from any of this harm. Anti-virus software looks into every file and piece of software that tends to install or perform on your computer and finds out if it’s harmful.

Configure Anti-Theft Tools

Next on your list of what you should do with a new laptop is defending your system from theft. If you lost your computer or somebody stole it, you’d still have an approach to your device, however potentially all the data on it. It’s important to have measures in place to enhance the possibility of getting it back. The Anti-Theft feature, available in Avast Laptop Security, is designed to protect your private laptop data and help you recover your device in the case of loss or theft.

Optimize Your Laptop’s Power Settings

As laptops are all about transferability, increasing battery life should stand on top of the list. A few simple tricks can result in a difference of hours between charges, so optimizing the power preferences is an important step with a new laptop.

The most significant change is to minimize the display brightness, as keeping the screen extremely bright is one of the biggest factors in battery drain. However, making it too dim could cause eye fatigue, so test out some levels to find a comfortable balance between the extremes.

Configure Automated Backups

Automatic backup is a kind of data backup model that demands little or no human interference in backing up and storing data from a local network/system to a backup facility. This process helps you during the manual backing up of the computer, network, or IT environment. It makes things convenient.

Automatic backup is configured through backup software that automates the entire backup process. Generally automatic backup first needs an administrator to configure the systems/network that requires to be backed up. Once configured, the data and applications from the selected device are automatically copied, transferred over the network, and stored on the backup device. The administrator just needs to specify the type and time of the automatic backup within the backup software.

Set Up Cloud Storage Syncing

Cloud storage services, including Dropbox and Google Drive, sync anything you place inside them to the company’s servers. You can then have an approach to those files from any device where you’re also signed in. It translates to the fact that you can easily get a file you were editing on your other computer or desktop while you’re away working on your laptop. Sync connects your internal and external partners and teams, clients, customers, documents, files, computers, and mobile devices together flawlessly, so everyone is always up-to-date and on the same page.

Minimize the Risk of Heat Damage

Keeping the internal components of a laptop cool assists in increasing the life of laptops of the components and helps it perform at its best.

A laptop has many parts sitting close to each other. It translates to the fact that if one of them overheats, it’s very likely that the surrounding parts will become affected too.

  • Make sure to place it on a flat hard surface
  • Employ a laptop cooler
  • Ensure that the air pathways and fan are clean
  • Try to avoid direct sunlight on it
  • Employ software to monitor temperatures and fans
  • Check the BIOS settings

Customize System Settings

One of the things to perform right after you turn on your laptop is to customize the setting for convenient use. In many laptops you first have to produce a user account for the computer that you will employ to log on – you will also have to choose between creating a Microsoft account or just using a local Windows account. Choose whichever account setting you think will be easy for you to use. Ensure to use a password that you will remember so you don’t forget how to log onto your computer later.  During this process, you should also take a few moments to connect it to your wireless network or at least connect it with an internet cable so you have Internet access.

Bottom Line

Getting a new laptop is always exciting. To make things more exciting it is important to perform all the upper mentioned factors to increase the longevity of the device. It might not always be easy to make decisions regarding which laptop will be the perfect choice for you. In this case, Lamar G Tech Wearable will help you make the best choice for yourself and help you purchase your laptop online.

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