What are The Best Smartwatches for Students


Smartwatches are quite popular among college students. Several tasks can be performed on them which people generally perform on the phones. They are not only beneficial for entertainment purposes like listening to songs but also for educational purposes like calculators. Between 2016 and 2020 annual smartwatch sales are forecast to grow from 9 million units to over 22 million as these devices skyrocketed in popularity.

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Fossil Sport

Fossil sport makes an amazing option for students, as it is light and long-lasting. Its aluminum body and silicon strap are sweat-resistant which makes it a great partner for students even in the playground. There is a central dial with a personalized button on its top and bottom which are programmed to Fossil’s own propriety and Google fit respectively. The buttons might be a little hard to press however, you can consider it a plus as you could avoid programs functioning on their own while playing. There is a heart rate monitor at the bottom of the dial. For charging, it comes with two metal contacts.

The 1.19-inch 390 x 390 OLED display is quite colorful, however, you might face a little difficulty in reading the time in bright light. Its bezels are quite bulky, however, that should not be a problem as almost all mid-ranged watches come with such bezels.

The wrist band is a perk. You can change its straps and match it with whichever color you wear. One more factor that makes it interesting is that it is compatible with any wristband ranging from 18mm or 22mm.


  • Sturdy and convenient design
  • Swim-proof
  • Powerful chipset


  • A little pricey
  • No high-end features
  • GPS can be slow to start

Fitbit Versa 3

Fitbit versa 3 stands on the top of the list because of its versatility. With this smartwatch, there are a number of tasks you can perform without your phone. You can check your notifications, track your health, listen to music, and undergo some other tasks.

Fitbit versa 3 is the successor of versa 1 and 2 versions. It appeared with some advanced features which include spO2 tracking, Google assistant, and Bluetooth calls.

spO2 tracking in previous versions worked with limited face, however, Versa 3 version can read the spO2 tracking while you sleep notwithstanding the watch face you have active.

Google assistant that it comes with, can follow several instructions simultaneously with great accuracy.

You can also attend your calls via this watch with its amazing Bluetooth connection.

It has a square shape. Its metallic frame makes it a sturdy option for students. Its slim bezels make it look handsome and a 1.58-inch AMOLED screen is enough to make you read the display easily.

The new versa 3 version has made it so much easier for you to swap straps, as you can perform this task with just a click. Another advanced feature it appeared with is an indented haptic side button. You might have to practice a bit to get used to these buttons.


  • Decent battery life
  • Built-in GPS
  • Good price


  • Very small app library
  • Onboard music limited to two services
  • The capacitive button isn’t ideal

Apple Watch 6

Apple Watch is an amazing choice for students. It is one of the refined launches by Apple as it did come with some of the improvements. It has almost all the features that its new version has. So one can enjoy all the features with version 6. It stands out from other watches because of its extraordinary performance, unmatched app selection, and wide options for health and fitness tracking features. Students can wear it while playing without being worried about it going out of order because of sweat as it is water-resistance to 165 feet. It is compatible even with other water activities, for instance, swimming.


  • Great color additions
  • Sleep tracking finally appears
  • Always-on display


  • Lacks a headline upgrade
  • Battery life needs to be longer
  • Siri can automatically fire easily

Fitbit Versa Lite

Fitbit Versa Lite is one of the most lightweight versions of Versa which makes it a perfect choice for students. It is most suitable for slim wrists because it is slim and light, so kids can wear it comfortably. On the design side, it has a touchscreen display and vibrant screen with 300 x 300 which is enough for you to read the display conveniently. However, it is not as bright as other watches by Apple. It has thick bezels, which is not quite a problem as it is hardly noticeable.

On the left side of the watch, there is a button to operate it. It will help you to wake the watch and the rest can be operated by its touch system. Its touch system is not as efficient as compared to Samsung watches. However, it can still be operated with enough ease.

Its battery life is amazing. You can go 3-4 days without charging it. Plus, it does not take long to get charged fully.


  • Small and comfortable design
  • Solid battery life
  • Low price


  • No GPS
  • Lacks on-screen workouts
  • No Fitbit Pay

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Samsung appeared in the market with the same features as its predecessors. Its slimmer and slight design makes perfect options for students. They can get involved in water-based activities like swimming without worrying about it going out of order. It’s almost certainly a more broadly appealing setup than the Galaxy Watch’s girthy form, similar to the more masculine style of traditional watches. It has amazing battery life, Active 2 lasted through two full days.

It has an aluminum body, however, you can get it in a plastic body if you have a tight budget.


  • Digital haptic dial control is great
  • Still decent 2-day battery life
  • Attractive minimalist design


  • Pricey upgrade
  • Still very few third-party apps


Tips for Buying Smartwatches

Here are some of the smartwatch tips that you should consider while buying them. See if they have:

  • Fitness features
  • Battery life
  • Swappable bands
  • App availability


Bottom Line

Smartwatches have become a need of many students. According to one study, college students use smartwatches 67% more than any other group of people. It might be difficult to decide which smartwatch you should buy. In this article, we have mentioned some of the watches that stand on top of the list for many marketers. You can choose from any of them with confidence.

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