What To Look for When Purchasing A Smartwatch


Smartwatches are quite popular these days. Many people have switched to smartwatches from regular watches. The reason for that is that it comes with many features; that is, it’s like having your smartphone on your wrist. It allows you to check your official emails even if you are swimming, jogging, or taking a walk. Other features it offers you include fitness trackers, map viewer sleep monitor, etc. Buying a tech product might be a little overwhelming sometimes. So, to make things easier for you, we have provided you with a detailed guide about buying a smartwatch. Following are some of the factors that you should consider while buying one:


It is essential to check the display of a smartwatch before buying one. You cannot expect a smartwatch to display just like your smartphone. However, it should have the following factors to display the screen:

As the screen size is only 1.5 inches, the display should have a high resolution in pixels per inch. This allows the screen to show you high-quality and readable text and images. The screen must have a bright light to show clear images. The chromatic range is also necessary to prevent fading of colors. The colors should be saturated enough to make a bright and colorful screen.

Like a smartphone, a smartwatch also uses a backlit LCD or OLED display. These displays work when provided with battery power to produce light. You should look for the buttons or the automatic feature that helps the watch turn on when brought to viewing position. LCDs might not offer you relatively low battery life than OLED or AMOLED. You can settle with the LCD when you do not have a high budget. However, with a high budget, we recommend you go with the OLED or AMOLED because it offers great readability in bright light or sun.


It is important to know whether the watch you’re going to buy will be compatible with the device you already have. Before you go for an app selection, you need to check the smartwatch operating system. If you own an iPhone, it is better to go with the Apple watch series. On the other hand, if you have an android, buying an apple smartwatch will not be a good idea as it will not be compatible with your device.

A smartwatch can operate several functions as a phone, including running social media apps. Apple watch can run such popular applications, so does android. Additionally, Google also supports several apps designed for smartwatches. So you should look for a watch that could support everyday use apps. Google WearOS is more suitable for Android users.

Fitness Tracking

If you are a gym freak or health-conscious, this is one of the most important features to look for in a smartwatch. It helps track your footsteps, calories burned, elevation and heart rate, and workouts.  GPS on board is also a distinct feature that many smartwatches come with. It helps you to keep a record of your daily walks or jog. If you are interested in swimming, checking its IP rating will also be crucial to take it in the pool and track your swimming activity. There are many companies that design smartwatches keeping in mind the fitness factor. Such products present additional features like tracking your heart rate, auto exercise detection, bike rider mapping, and recovery time estimation. Such watches can also measure ECG and blood oxygen levels. However, if you are low on budget, you will have to compromise on features that can track your oxygen level and ECG.

Battery Life

Battery life is another important factor to consider when you buy a smartwatch. A smartwatch should offer you a standard battery life of at least 12-24 hours after changing. It should be efficient enough to function all day while running applications and using it as a tracker. One thing to notice here is that smartwatches use GPS, which requires more battery than regular use. So, while buying a smartwatch, it is important to notice the battery time with GPS on. That is the right parameter to check the battery life.

Notification Features

You can get notified about who texted or called you on your phone by a smartwatch. However, all watches are not the same. Some just notify you about such notifications, while others allow you to attend the calls and send back texts without opening your phone. So you must know your requirement before investing in them.


You should research which features you will be getting under a certain budget. Most budget watches cost between $100-$200. However, you will have to compromise on certain features under such a budget.

You can get all the important features like music or GPS under the budget ranging from $400-$500.


If you have to deal with daily payment, then considering this factor is also important. All you have to do is feed your debit card or credit card information in the system, and you can pay for almost anything without carrying money in your pocket.


Can smartwatches take photos?

No, smartwatches do not come with a camera.

Can smartwatches be used without cell phones?

Not every company designs smartwatches that could be used without a phone. You have to have a big budget to afford such watches.

Can I reply to texts with a smartwatch?

Some smartwatches come with pre-set texts which you can send out in return for a text. In contrast, others allow you to make phone calls and send texts of your choice.

Bottom Line

Investing in smartwatches can be overwhelming when you are not aware of the technology. In such cases, opting for official websites is a smart thing to do. For instance, Lamar G Tech Wearable is one of the trustworthy websites to buy with confidence. We have several products of different brands. We treat our customers like family. With us, you can choose whichever brand you want without worrying about the product quality. Additionally, you can take guidance from our tech experts about which product will suit you the best. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your phone, place an order and get your smartwatch shipped out today!

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